Zwarte’ to Reunite for First Time in Almost a Decade!

Classic lineup will come together for one-night-only in Sturgis, April 20.

Sturgis, SD, April 4, 2013: Amid the backdrop of 80′s hair metal and the onset of 90’s grunge, Midwest rockers Zwarte’ blazed their own trail with few frills or costumes, relying instead on a huge M-T4 sound system, rumbling bass lines, big guitars, and the unmistakable, almost spoken-word phrasing and vocal delivery of primary songwriter, Randall Zwart. Early Zwarte’ standards like “Lucy,” “Lizzie,” and “Loco PD” drew together a generation of hard rock fans in eleven states to create a die-hard fan base that would go on to purchase well over 150,000 records despite no major recording label and little radio airplay.

The last official Zwarte’ show was played December 31, 2003 in Norfolk, Nebraska. Afterwards, the band’s founding members—Randall (guitar & lead vocals) and Bob Zwart (drums & vocals)—went their separate ways, concluding a musical collaboration that had thrived for over two decades. Lead guitarist Eddie Filarecki soldiered on in the successful Randall Zwarte’ Band for several years before moving on and bass player Ric Todd, whose high-end vocals can be heard on many of the classic recordings, went on to become an award-winning singer/songwriter who also periodically performs with the Dirty Word Band. Bob Zwart became the front man for the popular South Dakota rock act, Judd Hoos.

“The timing was just right to do this,” said band leader Randall Zwart, “Bob and I are both happy with what we’ve done apart, but we built something together that we are proud of and I am doing this for one reason only—it’ll be a huge amount of fun—and where else but Sturgis?” he said.

The classic Zwarte’ lineup will perform April 20th at the Loud American in Sturgis with Colorado rockers Joe Fornothin’ opening the show. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 on the day of show at Loud American or online at


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