Members of Judd Hoos take a break from rehearsing in the back room of Flex Gym in Sturgis on Jan. 15. Members are, from left, Shane Funk, Bob Zwart, Andy Young, Zach Fronce and Chris Hornick. Pioneer photo by Sara Koch

Here is an article Sara Krock from the Black Hills Pioneer recently wrote on the new members of Judd Hoos.

Spearfish native joins Judd Hoos
By Sara Koch
Black Hills Pioneer

SPEARFISH – Andy Young, a native of Spearfish and current resident of Chadron, Neb., recently joined the South Dakota based rock band Judd Hoos.

The 22-year-old guitarist has been friends with the band for several years and has played in a couple other Black Hills bands in the past. He will also be playing the keyboard for the group in a  variety of songs. In the future, he said might also help with some vocals.

“I basically knew Shane (Funk) through living in Spearfish and shows and booking,” Young said. “I’m ready to start playing.”

Young will graduate in May from Chadron State College in Nebraska where he is focusing on his commercial music business degree. He started playing piano when he was six or seven and began taking guitar lessons in fifth grad.

Young’s inspiration comes from numerous aspects of his life.

“My dad is a drummer and I have seen him play my whole life,” Young said. “Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz music – John Scofield and stuff in that region.”
Hoping to contribute a different dynamic to the group, Young said that there will be more flexibility instruments and the option of having a keyboard at any time.
“(My friends and family) are really pumped and excited for me,” Young said. “I’m also really pumped for the Rally.”

Young said that although he doesn’t get too nervous before shows, he probably will when it comes time for his first show with Judd Hoos. To warm up before the concert and prepare himself, he said he practices some scales on his guitar.

Zach Fronce of Omaha, Neb., 20 plays guitar with the group as well. Young said he and Fronce met for the first time in Watertown about three months ago. Both members joined the group after long-time member and co-founder of Judd Hoos Drew Lerdal decided to take on a dew job in Minneapolis, Minn. Lerdal was a multi-instrumentalist that provided guitar, keyboard and vocals for the group. After being offerred his dream job as a music director, producer and composer, he decided his time with Judd Hoos had come to an end. Lerdal’s last show was Jan. 2.

“We are lucky we found the right guys,” said drummer Shane Funk. “We have been working to get going since October and (Young and Fronce) have been playing at shows here and there since then.”

Funk said that he has known Young for the past several years, and remembered hearing Fronce in a different band in Omaha three years ago.

“I looked (Fronce) up online, found his MySpace account and contacted the manager of the club,” Funk said.

Bob Zwart, vocalist of the group and former member and co-founder of the band Zwarte, said that their summer is already 90 percent booked. Zwart, along with bass player Chris Hornick, left Zwarte with plans on starting a new group. Zwart joined the Black Hills group Stones Throw with Lerdal and Funk and later formed Judd Hoos, asking Hornick to be their bass player.

“(Young and Fronce) will add a different dimension and fuller sound,” Zwart said.

All the members said that since Judd Hoos now consists of five instead of four, much of their music must be tweaked to accommodate the different instruments. They said that the rhythmic guitar and keyboards will be able to be heard at the same time now, and nothing will have to be left out.

Judd Hoos has played in 12 states, mostly bordering South Dakota and the Midwest.

Young and Fronce’s first official Arnolds Park, Iowa. Upcoming shows in the area include the Loud American Roadhouse in Sturgis on April 16 and Jake’s in Gillette, Wyo. on May 7-8.

“I’m excited to start playing,” Young said. “The best part is just playing, gelling with everyone on stage.”

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