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As many of you may know, Judd Hoos played it’s last show with Drew this past Saturday in Lincoln, NE.

In  what Drew described as one of the toughest decisions he has ever had to make, he will be accepting an offer to take his dream job as a full time music supervisor/composer/producer at a prestigious Minneapolis marketing firm. We will miss Drew’s awesome musicianship, as well as his tireless work ethic and dedication, but most of all we will miss not having our good friend with us on stage and on the road.  I can safely speak for all of us in Judd Hoos when I say that Drew is a first class human being who has been inspirational both as a musician and a person.  The countless hours we have spent with Drew in Judd Hoos has created a bond that transcends friendship. It feels like a family member is leaving, but in the same spirit of family we are proud of Drew’s accomplishments and we have high hopes for his future.  We wish you all the best Drew.

Having  known about Drew’s impending departure for several months, we have had time to comb the earth for the talent needed to fill Drew’s enormous shoes. What we have found are two amazing musicians that will be joining Judd Hoos.  The new Hoos lineup will feature two talented guitarist.  Andy Young and Zach Fronce have been rehearsing with us for the past three months and we are extremely excited about the new lineup!

Andy Young is from Spearfish, SD  and recently received his music degree from Chadron State College.  Andy is a talented guitarist and has a wealth of experience as a band leader and performer having played in some very successful Black Hills bands.  Andy will share lead guitar and rhythm guitar roles with Zach as well as taking on keyboard duties on a number of songs.

Zach Fronce is from Omaha, NE and at 20 years of age is already a seasoned professional musician having played in a number of popular Omaha bands.  Zach’s passion for guitar brought him to the stage in professional bands at an early age where he quickly made a name for himself as a guitar gunslinger in Omaha.  Zach will share lead guitar and rhythm guitar roles with Andy while providing backing vocals.

We are blessed to have found such exceptional people who share the same passion for great music and high energy performances that have been the foundation of Judd Hoos.

We can’t wait to hit the stage!
The next chapter of Judd Hoos is going to be fun!

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  1. Hey. Good luck to Drew. I hope he enjoys what he is going to do. Congrats to Zach and Andy. I hope you guys have fun with them.

  2. Best of luck to Drew and the new path he takes! He is an exceptional musician and will be missed by many!! Congrats to Zach and Andy, they are in for a load of fun with an absolutely amazing band with die hard fans! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Okoboji during winter games.

  3. Totally sucks, Drew you were a kick ass singer and I will miss what you brought to the show. Best of luck with what you end up doing. I am glad I got the shirt signed!

    Take care: (Beef’s Dog sitter)

  4. Love and miss you already Drew! I have *Faith* in your future 😀 ha. ha. ha. My name is Faith. ha. I know I’m funny, you don’t have to tell me. Gonna be hard to go on without you good sir but, the show must go on. lol. Good luck in your future and most of all, enjoy! And I’m sure Pork sends his best wishes as well 😀

    As for the newest members of Judd Hoos, can’t wait to meet you Zach and Andy! Welcome to the family 😀 I’m a Hoos Head if you didn’t figure that out already and I will see you front row at show!


    Faith ^_^

  5. Drew, best of luck its been great watching what you guys all did together. Saw Andy and Zach play in Wileys and I think it looks like you have some great young talent to keep this band rockin the way it allways has!!!!!! Can’t wait till the next show, and best wishes and the best of luck to you Drew!!!!!!!

    Shane O.

  6. Drew you will be greatly missed! You are an excellent guitarist and I hope you go far in your career. Good Luck! Andy and Zach, look forward to meeting you guys and watching you play. Can’t wait to see Judd Hoos perform again soon! Best of luck!


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