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The Judd Hoos boys all met up early on Saturday morning at the Hornick mansion to leave for the first show of the year. We were all so excited to finally perform after being cooped up in a small practice room in Sturgis for rehearsals every week. Shane pulled up in the band cruiser and we all loaded up like a game of tetris. The weather was insanely cold and we all couldn’t wait to get in the van and get going. The new Hoos was finally on the road and on our way to Sioux Falls, SD.

The drive was smooth and comfortable. We were all pretty hungry so we got our burrito on at Qdoba. After a quick stop at the local music store we were on our way to the venue. You could feel the excitement within the cruiser with even some nervous/anxious feelings mixed in there. Judd Hoos was in the building and there was some set up still to do. We nailed our sound check and everyone felt really good about how we were going to sound.

It was time to go back to the hotel, freshen up, and put our rockstar faces on. Personally I was going through the set list thinking about every song and how I was going to do just fine. The excitement within the band was overflowing. We were all ready to rock and finally show everyone what we had spent a month working on. The new Hoos showed up to the venue and headed to the green room to go over the set list. I took the stage with the band around 9 o’clock.
The first set went by so fast. It took a couple songs to get people out of their chairs but by the end of the first set we had people crowded to the front of the stage. Everyone came back to the green room on the first break with smiles on their faces. We all knew that the next set was going to rock. Judd Hoos took the stage for the second set and people were really digging the new Hoos sound. By the middle of the set, you could tell the crowd and everyone on stage could feel that this was a really good thing. Judd Hoos is going places with Tyler and Devin.

After our last break, we took the stage for one more powerful set and had people wanting more even after our encore. Everyone retreated back to the green room and basked in the glory of being such a bad ass band before remembering we were still not done. There was still stuff to put away and the tear down process was in full swing. It turned out to be a late night, but nobody complained to have one last drink back in one of the rooms at the hotel before going to our own rooms and passing out in the wee hours of the morning.
It was such an epic night for our first show of the year. 2014 is going to be huge for Judd Hoos. All the fans were really impressed and the band could not be happier with where the direction of the band is going. We cant wait to see everyone next weekend in Hastings and Lincoln, NE! Stay tuned for more on the road with Judd Hoos!

– Tyler

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