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Yes. Yes these are tigers. These were the two tigers from our show last Friday just outside of Delmont, SD for the ‘Safari Poker Run’.

They had bears, panthers, lions, leopords, and mountain lions. Crazy huh? I think you had to be their to fully understand.

We got to trade off sets that night with the band Innocent Mischief. I used to be roommates for a shortwhile with their soundguy(Nezzy). It’s a small world. I was really impressed by the Head East tune they covered. Spot on.

New photos are up from Brewster, MN and Sioux City, IA. Now I’m going to pray for a late check out. Please cleaning lady, let me sleep.


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  1. Great show, you guys rocked the house. I think the cats are all addicted hoos heads now. Not sure how to get them to all the shows lol!!!! you guys are awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks from a dedicated hoos head, Shane Odens

  2. I feel like I battle with cleaning ladies on the weekend. We check in at 3am – do we really need to check out at 10am? Ah, it’s a job I don’t want to do so I shouldn’t complain; I don’t even make my own bed every night let alone other people’s beds.

    About the photo… I wish I could have gotten to that gig at least an hour earlier. It’s hard to see a panther in the dark… they are very panther like. And I felt like an ass taking photos with a flash on animals that could easily rip my throat out.

  3. I have pics. Lots of pics. And a video. Where should I send them? Kickass party from a kickass band!!

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