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The Super 8 in Sturgis has teamed up with the Loud American and will offer a $40 room rate for those that book a room at the Sturgis Super 8 on Saturday December 26th.  The offer is good only that night and to take advantage of it you must mention the Loud American Judd Hoos promotional rate.

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  1. What the h–! I’m sorry to say I just couldn’t make it to Sturgis for the show—I did manage to get within 100 miles on hwy 34, west of Pierre on saturday the 26th. I somehow didn’t get the message from the Gov that all roads “were closed” and that “no” travel is advised. SO I found myself an hour later heading west on I-90 towards Sturgis! You had to know that I felt like the last man alive while driving along a “perfectly good” and mostly clear 4-lane freeway, through a blizzard—and mine was the ONLY vehicle on that road, anywhere!!!! I found this out after pulling into Kadoka for gas. Needless to say, my road to Sturgis ended right there, and that I soon found myself stranded, but happy to find Judd Hoos fans at the Kadoka City Bar!!!! Actually, Zwarte was more popular—but neither Zwarte nor ‘Hoos was on the Juke-box for a true battle of the bands! Karokee-nite in Kadoka sucked the big one—the dj & equipment were marooned in—Sturgis!! I found out later that you guys didn’t make it either—so I don’t feel too bad! However, one of my all-time best adventures (or is it among the stupidest) will have to be attempting to drive to Sturgis on Christmas Day, through one hell of a blizzard, to support the Judd Hoos Band!!! Rock On Guys & I’ll see you “somewhere” next year!
    Markus–Annandale, MN

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