Judd Hoos


After a long run during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last week, all the Judd Hoos boys were ready for a few days of relaxing before going on the road again for a 4 day run of shows again this week. The Bills Bros and Chris came down with some form or another of a cold and were just getting over them when Wednesday rolled around to get on the road again.

It was a different kind of Wednesday considering we weren’t traveling in our usual sweet ride (the mini van AKA Iceman.) Bob had taken it to the other side of the state when he left Sturgis and the crew and rest of the band were taking a couple trucks and the trailer. We were all really excited for the show to open up for Hairball up at the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen, SD. The ride was pretty smooth. Other than one of the crew guys hitting some construction cones in the pickup and Shane Dawg having to drive the truck and trailer the whole way.

We made it there at a very decent time in the hot afternoon to find a huge stage with Hairball’s crew finishing their set up and starting to sound check. It was cool watching the pyro technic putting together the flash pots and explosives that would go on later during the show. We got the trailer unloaded with the stuff we were going to need. It was now every musicians favorite time in the band called, “hurry up and wait.” At least we had our own motorhome trailer to hang out in!

It was a good two hours before we were able to start bringing our stuff on stage and begin to set up. Judd Hoos was supposed to start at 7 30 and it was getting dreadfully close to that by the time we were just starting to sound check. Tensions were high and things were going wrong that we didn’t have time for. The gates had opened and the stands were filling up fast while we were finishing up vocal checks. Everyone had just enough time to go change and look somewhat like we hadn’t been there all afternoon.

It was super exciting to take the stage and see SO many people in front of us. Even for being in and out of the sun and traveling all day we had so much energy. It felt good to play after a little break from playing every night the week before. Judd Hoos was energetic, tight, and entertaining Judd Hoos and Hairball fans alike. We played for over an hour but it went by so fast. We had a blast and everyone came off stage with huge smiles on their faces. I know everyone wanted to just go back to the trailer and bask in the glory of a good show but there was gear and equipment to get off the stage and fast! In a rush with lots of help everything of ours was taken off the stage and Hairball was getting ready to rock.

Since Judd Hoos got done so early it was going to be a fun night of rocking out to some 80s hair metal together. We all had so much fun getting to just hang out for the rest of the night and see a kick ass show. By the end of it everyone was so tired and we hadnt checked into the hotel yet. Its a scary feeling when it is midnight and you dont know if you have a place to stay. But the rooms came through and we all got to bed at a decent time to get some rest for the rest of the week coming up. And speaking of that, we are now headed to Rapid City, SD for Summer Nights! It is where most of Judd Hoos calls home and we could not be happier to be playing in our home town tonight. Come hang out with us and support your favorite South Dakota band ever! 馃檪


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