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So yes, Judd Hoos did technically have this past weekend “off.” But that didn’t mean we were not working as hard as ever. On Thursday, Bob Z met Devin and I in Sturgis and we set up equipment in our secret location. (A shed in the Loud American parking lot.) oops not so secret now! Once us three got most of the stuff set up we did some great ground work on some new songs. Lyrics, song structure, and lots of bad ass harmonies. The other hard working members of Judd Hoos showed up in the afternoon and we dived into it. Judd Hoos was very productive. We went through each one of our new songs and recorded them for future reference and changes. This was a huge step toward our goal of wanting a new album out soon. We finished up rehearsal with some beers and an acoustic guitar showing each other what we had up our sleeves as far as original ideas go.

On Friday we all met in the morning at Judd Hoos Studios to work some more. We had done so much band work that most of the morning was spent finishing recording acoustic versions of the songs and putting together new songs. The process can get grueling. As soon as you think you have hit a brick wall though, somebody chimes in with an idea and we all feed off of it. It was a very productive Friday. So much so that we decided we were not going to use Saturday for rehearsing and enjoy the rest of the weekend off. We loaded up the trailer, but not before having pizza cookies and beer! If you ever want to make a band happy, bring them these things! Thank you again Brittany! So then there was this issue of actually having Saturday night “off” to discuss. Bob Z had to travel back to Sioux Falls so we said good bye to him. Judd Hoos was going to have a rare opportunity to open up for the band Dirty Word. We were all on the same page that we thought it would be a great idea and that we would do an acoustic set. That’s right a Judd Hoos acoustic set. All of us went through the songs we could do without Bob and we could break down to acoustic versions. We made it official and we were all going to meet up at the Loud on Saturday afternoon for sound check.

It was weird not waking up in a hotel room on Saturday morning and having to get out before check out and start heading to where ever our next gig was. But at the same time it was kind of nice for all us to wake up in our own beds and spend some time with our families. Not to mention all of our loved ones were going to be able to come see us in Sturgis that night since it was so close to home. Judd Hoos assembled at the Loud American for sound check. It was so weird to have stools and so many acoustic guitars. And for Shane Dawg not to be surrounded by his Neil Peart drum set! We set up in a line across the stage and got levels right. It was also different not having our in ear monitors and using the floor wedges. Anyways, everyone was happy with the sound and set up and it was time to hang out, eat, drink, and get ready for show time.

We were all nervous. In our own ways. None of us had done an acoustic set like this together. It was decided we were just going to go out there and have fun. No matter what beats or notes we missed, or lyrics or chords we forgot. We hit the stage. I remember turning to Andy and saying, “There are a lot of people in here!” It was true it was a packed house for Dirty Word. We started the set and people were really into it. It was different not hearing Bob Z’s harmonies flying over all the songs that I sing on. Personally it was really cool being a solo front man again and I tried to represent the band as best I could and let the crowd know we were here to rock even an acoustic set. We played two new originals and had great response to them. And by the end of our short set we had a full dance floor! Andy said later, “I felt like I should stand up or something.” It was so awesome. The crowd loved us and we did our job to get new fans and get the crowd ready for a good night.

We all ended up having so much fun doing the acoustic set and recording and song writing all weekend. It was a blast to be at home and still be productive with our music. Thank you so much for the support on Saturday night and to our new fans for making us feel so welcome. All I have to say is Judd Hoos has some hits in our hands that are going to blow your minds and be playing on your speakers very soon. Stay tuned for more Judd Hoos Blogs with T Bills and check out our schedule to see when we are coming to a town near you.

– TBills

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