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Another three show weekend was in store for Judd Hoos for the fourth of July weekend! Everyone was coming together from all over. The Hornicks, our good friend Emily, and us Bills Bros had been camping in the badlands on Wednesday night. So we met up with Shane Dawg and his son, Keithan, in the ice man in Kadoka on Thursday morning and dropped off Devin’s car there. Andy and his best friend Beau were right behind Shane in Andys car. Once the Hornicks had got to Kadoka with us they went ahead toward Sioux Falls. The rest of us convoyed out onto I90 and were on our way to Lennox, SD. There was definitely nothing ordinary about this weekend already!
In Sioux Falls we stopped at Guitar Center got some gas. We decided instead of checking into the hotel we would head straight to Lennox and sound check. Everyone met up at the stage on main street and finished setting up gear so we could have a quick sound check. There was another band opening for us so we were trying to get done as fast as we could. Unfortunately there was a problem with the PA and some speakers had blown. We got it fixed luckily though with Shane the problem solver and Bob coming back down from his house with some extra speakers. After sound check we headed straight to the hotel in Sioux Falls to relax and shower before the gig.

Back at the stage in Lennox everyone was super excited to finally play after a long week. There was quite a crowd already. We took the stage with the last bit of sun setting over the horizon and started our first set. There was already a crowd of underage girls lined up in front of the stage. It was so easy to tap into the energy you get when you play in front of people on stage. We played a smooth and rocking first set. In the middle of it, Bob Z called out to the girls in front to yell back to him, “Whiskey Whiskey Pudding Pie!” I don’t think any of those girls knew what whiskey or pudding pie tastes like but they yelled back at him anyways.

The crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger. Our originals, House Party and Billboard went over really well. At one point in the show Bob Z had to call out this lady who was making a lot of trouble with some other ladies around her. After she realized Bob was talking to her over the mic her face went super red and she stopped messing around. Other than that lady the crowd was fantastic. There were people from the front of the stage all the way down the street past the sound board. I remember seeing Chris and Sara’s little four year old Lucy Day just rocking out next to the stage! Such a cutie. I also remember going to the front of the stage on one of our breaks and taking more than 20 pictures with different people Is this what it feels like to be famous? Ha! I could get used to it! It was such a fun night.
Afterwards we said goodbye to friends and family before going to the fantastic task of loading out. It was a pretty quick load out once everyone was there and working. It is kinda weird, but after the first show of a weekend it seems like everyone is more tired than they are after the second or third, just from working all week and then going right to the stage. So we got back to the hotel and all went right to bed.
When it was normally time for everyone to meet up at the Flying J and get on the road for a weekend we were all sleeping in hotel beds and already getting ready for our second show! We slept as long as we could (standard protocol after a show) and headed to our favorite food establishment, Qdoba. After we got our burritos on, Shane, Keithan, Andy, Beau, and us Bills bros all got on the road and were headed to Cresbard, SD. We had recorded the show from the night before so we all were listening to it in separate cars. It was a pretty long drive to Cresbard and we were definitely driving into the middle of nowhere.

Cresbard is a very small town. We got there during a little wind/rain storm and the crew had what was set up so far tarped up. The rain passed quickly and they got back to it. We were staying in the upstairs of this bar that was right across the street from the bar. It was this old 1800’s like bed and breakfast style place. The rooms were extremely hot upstairs and we spent most of our time chilling down in the air conditioned bar downstairs. I went for a walk around the little town and couldn’t believe how gorgeous and neat the town was. There was no gas station but the old small homes had such a charm to them.

The sun came out and it got really hot. We all started to set up our gear and get ready for sound check. I had an american flag that I taped in front of my amp. Had to get all patriotic for America’s Bday! After we got all sounding good we went back into the bar and relaxed over some cold beers and did a little jamming as well before it was show time.

After everyone was ready and Chris, Sara, and Emily showed up, we were all waiting down in front of the bar and noticed that we were some of the only people there and we were supposed to start in like ten minutes. Bob Z showed up and we decided to move the start time a half an hour later. You would have never of guessed how eventful of a night it was going to be. Right before we were going on there were a few party buses that showed up along with lots of people. For most of the first set the crowd kept their distance from the stage. They liked what we were doing but were just being shy. Once Judd Hoos kicked it into full gear for the second set there was a crowd up in front. Once again a lot of underage girls and guys. It was this crazy scene of red white and blue in front of the stage. I think every girl there had some kind of flag oriented piece of clothing on. There were lots of mosquitos we were battling with bug spray and it stayed very warm for us the whole night. We played our song Billboard and there were tons of people in the crowd that were singing along as if they had heard it before! Moments like that are when we can say we are doing something right when it comes to song writing and performing.

During the last set there was an ambulance that showed up. Apparently during the last break Sara and Emily and some of the other guys were taking care of this poor 17 year old girl who was extremely drunk and no one was helping her in the bathroom. So needless to say the ambulance was for her. It kind of blew my mind that no one in the crowd even turned around to see it. But they did turn around at the end of the show for all the fireworks. The people were really digging the show towards the end. After our encore that they practically begged for, the bar set off numerous fireworks. It was a fun load out, rolling cables, loading gear, and watching the fireworks. It was a great way to end the fourth of july. We all ended up on the front porch of the bar and jammed for a long time. We all had a blast into the very early hour of the morning until it was time to go up to the hot rooms and sleep.

I think all of us could say that same thing for that morning. Once you woke up you were up, because it was so hot! Andy and Beau got a head start and got on the road, while Shane, Keithan, and Devin and I tried to sleep as long as we could until loading up in the ice man. Judd Hoos was headed for Clark, SD for our third show of the weekend. It was a very short drive and we rolled into town around 1 30. The band and crew were staying in this hunting lodge in town. It was a big building filled with beds, couches, chairs, and everything you could need to relax. It was another hot summer day so we had the AC cranked. Most of us passed out for a few hours. After our cat nappin, Beau, Keithan, Devin, and I met up with another good friend of Andy and Beau’s, Krista, and we walked down to the liquor/butcher shop. It was a neat little store. I mean what else could you ask for.. meat, cheese, and booze!

We all hung out in front of the TV back at the hunting lodge. It was fun hanging out with Bob Z for a little while. We ran down the street to watch a World Cup shootout on the TV in the bar. And after that it was sound check time. Judd Hoos was set up on this funny little trailer stage that was basically a semi truck trailer with one side opened up and a stage attached. Sound check was great and we had a quick productive clean up session for a few problem spots we had heard in the recordings from the show.
Back at the lodge again, everyone showered up and got pretty for a killer show that night. We met up back at the stage ready to rock. Even after playing two shows in a row already we had a lot of energy. The crowd was hesitant to come up to the front again. Luckily it only takes a couple girls to get up in front and dance to get the rest of the crowd to follow. It was a slow start but we were playing very well. Everything was tight. As the night went on it definitely got busier. Apparently it never got as busy as it did the last year Judd Hoos performed in Clark, but it was definitely a fun night. The highlight was getting Keithan up on ACDC and watching him kill it on the drums during Long Way to the Top. By the end of the night the crowd was super energetic and I wish we could have just kept playing even though all of us were getting pretty tired.

After the last set, we all got to work on load out as fast as we could. It was a good tear down. It was hard because we had this one really steep ramp on one side of the stage that you had to carry stuff down. We finally got everything loaded up. Andy and I decided to walk back down the lodge while everyone else was getting ready to leave. Back at the lodge we had fun with another little jam session. It is so fun to be able for all of us to just play for ourselves and still enjoy it after playing all weekend. We chatted and sang with each other and friends until one by one we all went to our beds. Sunday morning came and it was time for everyone to head back home. Andy and Beau got a head start again and I know the Hornicks and Emily were well on their way before we woke up. Such a fun weekend!! It was so fun having such a huge band family all together for the fourth of july weekend.

We have come so far in the last few months as a band. In all aspects. In our performance and our show. Chris Walker has stepped up to being a great light guy when he gets into it, and our sound guy A-Ron makes us sound good no matter what. We have a crew that is working hard to get the best routine of how to set up and tear down as fast and best we can. So thanks to Cam Cam and Jordan for being thrown into the fire and hitting the ground running. Our originals have also came a long way. Bob Z told me when playing in Zwarte that the best practice you could get with originals is playing them live and it is so true. We have thrown three new songs into the show and they are always my favorite part of the night and the songs continue to get better and better. Our relationships with each other have grown as well. Devin and I joined in January and I feel like we have known these guys in Judd Hoos for years. We are such good friends off stage which makes us even better performers on stage. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this summer and the rest of this year has in store for us. I will quote Bob Z again when he told me this past weekend, “Tyler, we have something really good going on here. Not many bands out there can do what we are doing right now. I am investing in this band because I know how big we can be.”

Thanks again to everyone who came out these past few shows and could be a part of such a rock n roll Fourth of July weekend! It was a blast. This next weekend we are headed to Pollock, SD and Ruthven, IA. Going to be a long haul but we are ready to hit the road already… well I am! Stay tuned for more on the road with Judd Hoos blogs and keep supporting local music!

– TBills

Highlights of the Weekend:
Friends and Family
whiskey whiskey pudding pie
Keithan drumming ACDC

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