The Return to Gillette

We haven’t played in Gillette in a very long time and it was an amazing turn out! It was a hell of  a good time. Big A, Ethan and I had too good of a time and managed to body slam Zach’s guitar and broke his neck. The neck on his guitar – not his neck. Lesson: Don’t screw around!

Check out this video of us closing the night on Saturday with some Drop Kick Murphys. Here is a link to all of the pictures from Gillette. It sounds like we’ll be returning sometime this Fall so stay posted.



  • Jerrica Johnson says:

    I was out at Jakes Friday night and had to go back saturday as well! You guys Rocked ~ Everyone I talked to said it was sucha blast and I agree completly! Cant wait to see you guys again! Take care and God Bless!


  • KEVINO! says:

    Bobby….just talked to a very good friend from Gillete that caught your show….she said you guys kicked ass and are better than that ‘other’ band you were in!(she’s seen both). keep kickin ass.


  • joey says:

    Wow fuckin sweet,u guys rocked gillette went both nites,gonna be at the show. On the 22 of june,kiss ass can’t wait ,

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