We haven’t played in Gillette in a very long time and it was an amazing turn out! It was a hell of  a good time. Big A, Ethan and I had too good of a time and managed to body slam Zach’s guitar and broke his neck. The neck on his guitar – not his neck. Lesson: Don’t screw around!

Check out this video of us closing the night on Saturday with some Drop Kick Murphys. Here is a link to all of the pictures from Gillette. It sounds like we’ll be returning sometime this Fall so stay posted.


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  1. I was out at Jakes Friday night and had to go back saturday as well! You guys Rocked ~ Everyone I talked to said it was sucha blast and I agree completly! Cant wait to see you guys again! Take care and God Bless!


  2. Bobby….just talked to a very good friend from Gillete that caught your show….she said you guys kicked ass and are better than that ‘other’ band you were in!(she’s seen both). keep kickin ass.


  3. Wow fuckin sweet,u guys rocked gillette went both nites,gonna be at the show. On the 22 of june,kiss ass can’t wait ,

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